From the Field: Maddie & Tae Launch ‘Start Here’ with Lee Ann Womack & Corn Nuts with Brothers Osborne

The first words out of my mouth when I entered Maddie and Tae‘s Start Here launch party at Nashville’s The Cordelle were, “I love you,” because the “Girl in a Country Song” video vixen David Spielberg greeted me with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. He and his girlfriend, Ginell, are wonderful people. Then Maddie and Tae previewed five songs from their upcoming album and brought out surprise guest Lee Ann Womack for “Little Past Little Rock.”
The quote of the night was the introduction for “Downside of Growing Up.” Maddie Marlow said, “The past five years have been a big lesson for both of us. And that is, ‘You can’t grow when you’re comfortable.’ And whenever you’re uncomfortable, it’s actually a good thing. All of us, we hate change and we hate being uncomfortable. But it’s a beautiful thing because you learn so much about life and so much about who you are, and I would not trade those meltdown moments for the world. We’re here today because of those.” Start Here lands next Friday, August 28th.
Lee Ann Womack and Maddie and Tae sing “Little Past Little Rock” at the ‘Start Here’ launch party on August 18 at Nashville’s The Cordelle.

Before the event, I quizzed Brothers Osborne on new music, touring with Darius Rucker and their health (so I can write about them forever and ever, Amen)! Before the interview, T.J. offered me a snack of his Corn Nuts. Wait — that sounds bad. But they were as delicious as our conversation. Have you heard “Love the Lonely Out of You?” It’s my midnight anthem. Go get everything they have! You won’t be disappointed!

Bros Osborne