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“Dreams are of no value if they’re not equipped with wings, feet and hands. So, if you’re going to make a dream come true, you’ve got to work it. You can’t just sit around. That’s a wish. That’s not a dream.” — Dolly Parton

Nashville is full of dreamers and more are arriving every day. Business Insider just ranked Music City among its “15 Hottest American Cities for 2015” with its booming tourism and local economy. In 2013, Nashville welcomed 11.8 million visitors, and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau is predicting a 10% increase in that number by 2016.

I often hear locals say, “Nashville isn’t the same city it was even a year ago.” Hell. From my perspective, typing away in my Sylvan Park condo, Nashville isn’t the same city it was three months ago!

It’s a wonderful time to live in Nashville. But the struggle to make it can send a lot of talented, creative minds packing, waving the dirty towels they use to the bus tables at the local restaurants like white flags of defeat. Even Nashville’s historic landmarks are slowly becoming extinct, as famous places are dozed for high rises to accommodate the influx in population.

It’s easy to get low when dreams don’t turn out in their expected timeline. After eight years of working in the music business, I too, have experienced my share of Music Row disappointments. But poisoning the mind with negative thoughts and questions of, “Why am I not a superstar,” are a total waste of time. If we’re not promised tomorrow, why waste today on negativity?

I’d rather save my energy for the things I enjoy. I’d rather be ready for anything than waste time on whining because, like death and taxes, change is certain, especially in the entertainment industry.

The ultimate goal for No Limits Nashville is to radiate positivity and give readers a new way to navigate our culture. Think Mental Floss with a Kid President attitude. It’s my hope the site grows into a platform where artists can speak freely about the development of their careers, while providing an inside look at the sacrifices and inexhaustible work it takes to become the next household name in our new music economy.

This blog is dedicated to those who have had a profound influence on my career — my beautiful Tingle family, Cheryl Maccarino, Kevin Tabb, Jim Smith, Carl Pfeiffer, Music City Mystique, John Dougan, Beverly Keel, Paul Fischer, RJ Curtis, Chuck Aly, Jeff Green, Rob Simbeck, the late Chet Flippo and all the storytellers who have come before me. I’d also like to thank Joe Zanger, Lon Helton, Rosemary Young, and Ira Robbins for keeping me employed. Your support means the world.

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Lauren Tingle